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Providing support and comprehensive expert case management services to adults with brain injury and complex conditions.

Kenny Thomson : Independent occupational therapy case manager offering professional case management services under the rehabilitation code.
REability was created in 2011 to bring together the extensive services that have been formed through Kenny's experience and expertise in a range of settings with clients with a wide range of long-term complex musculo-skeletal chronic conditions, spinal injuries, amputees and neuro-behavioural issues caused by traumatic brain injury.

Significant change through engagement and care.


What others say about Kenny

There are those who case manage and those who, like Kenny who case manage with a personal and tailored approach. Kenny is all about the client and he ultimately strives for the best outcomes



Team Leader for a brain injury client

There has been many occasion  when I have required support / advice , and Kenny has always responded immediately, providing me with information that has proved invaluable. Such a nice guy too!



Team Leader

Accredited with

Specialist clinical and case management groups